Winter Projects @ B-Reel LA

I haven’t even posted here since I moved to Los Angeles a little over a year ago; so I thought I would take this opportunity to add some new content and show a couple projects that otherwise would get swept under the rug. I joined the awesome team at B-Reel and its hard to believe its been a year now. While I’ve been working a lot on open-source projects like Sketchplate and focusing more of my attention on; the work that remains buried on my hard drive is accumulating. So here’s a couple projects that I did at B-Reel during the winter. From November-December I worked on Jingle Mo-Beels which is primarily a mobile experience and during December – January I worked on A Living Soul a movie for B-Reel film out of Sweden. These projects were cool opportunities to do more with the Web Audio API and to create dynamic audio on the web with mobile.

Jingle Mo-Beels

Jingle Mo-Bells was an internal holiday project. Users that visited the site on mobile devices could use their phones to assemble a bell choir. There were two modes to play in, “Solo” mode made the sheet music auto-adjust to next correct note so you could play Jingle Bells by yourself. “Choir” mode allowed you to get together with friends and pick a note and play to sheet music. There was a fun easter egg of a cow bell in this mode also. Users that pulled up the site on desktop or tablet received the sheet music.

A Living Soul

This website is for a B-Reel film by the same name. The story follows the life of a brain in an aquarium. It is an existentialist story exploring topics of consciousness, ethics in science and love as a floating brain. The site is a quick sampling of some dialog and some of the beautiful cinematography in this short film. Using the master of this film and some behind the scenes footage we made image sequences, image loops and audio loops controlled by the scrolling of the site.

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Eyeo Festival and Northern Spark

A bit belated, but I figured I had might as well make a post on here and share some things. Back in June, I attended the Eyeo Festival for the second year; then the following night I stayed up with the rest of Minneapolis to enjoy Northern Spark. I’d like to share some photos and [...]

Toxiclibsjs v0.1.0

One year ago, I began porting a couple classes from Toxiclibs over to JavaScript. Now with 90 classes ported and several more nearly completed, Toxiclibsjs is beginning to take shape. As of today, Toxiclibsjs is being built to the AMD API. It can be used with RequireJS, Node.js or the common way of a single [...]

Proposal for a more-private Facebook “Like”

The Facebook “Like” button is a bit cruel. It tracks every site you go to and stores that information on their servers. They use that information to target you and your friends with advertising. To many, this is an un-ethical practice, but site owners have a reliance on it for generating traffic. The same sites [...]

Fullscreen Solutions for Processing

In many scenarios, I want my final Processing application to launch in fullscreen when I have completed it. I usually don’t want any visibility of an operating system or any other process during an installation, performance or otherwise. From my experience with Processing, I have noticed the solution is often different than the last, its [...]

Toxiclibs.js gets VerletPhysics2D

It’s been four months since I initially started creating Toxiclibs.js a JavaScript version of toxiclibs. So far, over 65 ‘classes’ have been written. These classes cover a wide spectrum of functionality that I believe can be helpful on any web project. There are currently 18 examples on the site, most of which have focused on [...]

Toxiclibs.js – open-source computational design

I have initiated a new open-source project titled Toxiclibs.js. Toxiclibs.js is a JavaScript port of Karsten Schmidt‘s expansive toxiclibs library. Contributed libraries are an excellent perk of using Processing, and to me there is no library that stands as strong as Karsten’s. Toxiclibs encapsulates a lot of the complexity involved with common computational design problems [...]

Indexical Architecture @ Spark Festival

My project, Indexical Architecture, commissioned by Northern Lights Foundation as part of the Art(ists) on the Verge 2 Fellowship is currently installed as a part of Minneapolis’ annual Spark Festival on display through October 3rd.